Saturday, December 4News That Matters

Andra Day, Carey Mulligan in Oscars Statuette Gowns

In one of those you-couldn’t-make-it-up moments, Carey Mulligan and Andra Day, both nominees for best actress, showed up on the red carpet in gold midriff-baring gowns — Mulligan in Valentino haute couture and Day in custom Vera Wang.

The resemblance to Oscar himself was immediately apparent.

Though the silhouettes were quite different (how would Mulligan manage to sit down in that skirt?), the general idea was quite similar. How could such a mind meld happen?

Well, if you want to manifest winning a gold statuette … dress like a gold statuette! Besides, this way, even if you don’t get to take home the prize, you get to win in the entrance-making stakes.