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Love Letter: A Magical Wedding for Sade’s Son

Emily Shakeshaft and Izaak Theo Adu-Watts’s connection was forged long before they met in person. Ms. Shakeshaft, who credits Sade’s music as being a major part of the soundtrack of her childhood, couldn’t have imagined that a message on Instagram would propel her into the life of the recording artist’s son, Mr. Adu-Watts.

What started as a genuine interest in Mr. Adu-Watts’s journey as a transgender man, soon blossomed into a friendship that led to six months of daily messaging before finally meeting in person. The couple married in an intimate ceremony on April 16 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Dating is complicated under the best of circumstances. And for someone living with a disability, deciding how and when to disclose their condition can be a sensitive issue.

For the longest time, the most nerve-racking thing about a first date for Alexandra Capellini, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, was deciding when to tell a potential suitor about her prosthetic leg. Even before she could think about what to wear or what restaurant she’d like to try, she’d wonder how her date would perceive her disability. Eventually, Ms. Capellini decided that making others comfortable was no longer her concern.

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