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Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver speaks during an interview on March 24.
Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver speaks during an interview on March 24. CNN via Skype

Boulder, Colorado, Mayor Sam Weaver told CNN’s Poppy Harlow this morning that a state-wide ban on assault-style weapons “probably would have helped” in preventing a shooting like the one in Boulder this week.

“We can never know on that incident-by-incident basis what laws would have been effective or not, but I can say this — it wouldn’t have hurt, and probably would have helped,” Weaver said.

“Making these weapons less available to people, particularly people who may have mental health problems, is an important step we need to take,” Weaver added.

CNN previously reported that in 2018, the city passed a ban on the sale and possession of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Earlier this month, a state district court judge blocked the city from enforcing its ban.

In an opinion dated March 12, Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman wrote that the court found “only Colorado state (or federal) law can prohibit the possession, sale and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.”

Weaver noted that, despite being a gun owner himself, more gun control is needed.

“I own guns, and I appreciate the Second Amendment for what it was meant to do,” Weaver said.

“I do not think that protecting killing machines in the hands of Americans was what the Second Amendment was intended for — at least not mass killing machines like assault weapons are,” he added.

Weaver said that his first step is to try and repeal the state preemption that prevents local governments from enacting ordinances that prohibit the possession or sale of firearms.

“We want to make our own laws. It was unanimous decision in 2018 to pass this assault weapons ban — our people want it,” he said.

However, the mayor acknowledged that broader efforts are needed as well.

“This needs to happen at a broader level because the city borders of Boulder, Colorado are not that big and so people can go buy assault weapons outside of the city.”

Weaver also made similar remarks earlier on “CBS This Morning” today.

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